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Sadopaideia was published in 1907 in Paris. It is the story of a young man, Cecil Prendergast, who experienced both submission and dominance at the hands of a widow, Mrs Muriel Harcourt, and her maid.

The author might have been Algernon Charles Swinburne, the poet, who had an interest in flagellation.

Sadopaideia is considered a class is considered a classic of Victorian Erotica and the English Vice.

A short excerpt is below.

I have never known such an expert in the art of love. Every conceivable motion and twist of her body she used. Her eyes flickered with passion, her lips drew my tongue right into her mouth, while her hands led mine allover her body. She murmured words of love and desire, mingled with pity for my poor bottom. At last she said, "He was a very naughty boy, but it was a shame to cut him up so badly. Never mind, someday perhaps he will have a chance to retaliate." Then the final paroxysm came on and we were both dumb. My motions, which had been slow at first, grew quicker. She plunged and writhed, twisting her legs round my neck and raising her bottom to meet my strokes, until at last, with a half-sob, half-groan, her legs fell down from my shoulders and I poured into her eager womb a deluge of my love.

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